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"STrans" - Transportation Company was founded in January, 2004. "STrans" transportation activity has been focused on worldwide deliveries. Business contacts and excellent relationships with Transport Agents & Representatives in abroad have already been established since beginning of its activity. "STrans" team is supported by advanced services available today. So whether you're shipping the goods by Import into Azerbaijan or Export to another country, or Export between other Countries - you can depend on us to get your shipment to it's destination on time and within cost.

As well as the standard high quality freight services that we can provide you with, there are a number of specialized service types and additional features that we can offer, so as to best meet your needs. We are in force to organize various types of shipments in other countries worldwide not touching Azerbaijan as well. We are capable of organizing Shipments, including:

a) Correspondence - establish proper and in time contacts with Shippers & Consignees.
b) Pick-up service - in time pick-ups from the place you ordered.
c) Packing - arrangement for pre-survey of unpacked goods and subsequent packing suitable for transport by air, road or sea, plus organizing necessary various types of Palletizing for safety delivery.
d) Preparing Documentation - capability to organize all Documentation for Export & Import clearance: Invoicing, Certificates of Origin, Packing Lists.
e) Export Customs Clearance - export air, Truck and Ocean Clearance can be cleared through Customs from any country ordered.
f) Transportation - managing to organize safety transportation in time & within cost.
g) Import Customs Clearance - Import Air, Truck and Ocean consignments arriving into Azerbaijan can be cleared through Customs and Excise by qualified staff with carrying out door delivery.
h) Door To Door Delivery - complete service from place of pick-up to the address of delivery.
i) Warehousing - currently warehouse 500sqm being purpose organized warehousing in Baku city center.
k) Insurance - "STrans" has recently successfully applied for authorization to carry out insurance mediation activities on behalf of their clients in respect of Import - Export, Air, Ocean and Trailer shipments.


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Organizing truck shipments from all of European & Middle Eastern countries, with various types of Vehicles; also are managing to organize Grouppage trucking. For permanent clients & regular shipments we have a special Rates & Services.

We are equipped with more than 20 Trailer Companies (Flat, Tilt, Special low beds) providing services for import/export and transit of goods to/from/via Azerbaijan. This fleet network helps to provide reasonable logistics services to our clients.

For time sensitive movements, Boxer Freight can accommodate an express service, rivaling the costs and speed for road shipment. Our service also includes progress chasing and tracking of your consignment with marshalling over and above the normal container loading and packing. We keep in contact with the clearing agent and/or consignee, in the country of origin & destination, we are always available to discuss any particular requirement or instruction to ensure a problem-free flow of traffic.

Air Freight between any point in Azerbaijan to anywhere in the world. Need it there fast? Tired of the high cost of courier? Call us for your air freight requirements, International, Domestic & Consolidate Cargo shipment from/to Baku Airport and then in transit domestically to any destination inside Azerbaijan.

We are managing to organize shipments of all types of goods, Large or Heavyweight shipments that need special handling prompt delivery. We shall start to provide same day. For special Large or Heavyweight shipments we have Special Rates from all of Airlines.

An important element of international trading is the need to move consignments quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Boxer Freight offers an express way to handle all your import/export consignments irrespective of size, weight, destination or point of origin.

International links are well established at all the major gateway airports, so we can guarantee the best possible service to both shipper and consignee. We are dedicated to ensure that consignments which are entrusted to us are delivered on time, on budget, and intact. Our flexible services give you the delivery and cost options that enable you to make the right freighting decisions.

Shipping of the various types of Containers 20�,40� or High Cube from each country & place ordered. We use various Shipping Lines all over the world so that to gain best Rate & Transit Time.

In co-operation with leading shipping lines, STrans can cover all overseas transport needs. From full container loads to weekly groupage movements to all major gateway ports throughout the globe. Regardless of size, weight, dimensions or characteristics, we can offer the best solution for safe transportation, for house to house or warehouse to customs depots, dependent on your terms of delivery. Our logistics teams combine knowledge and skill in the industry with information technology that expedites shipments from order placement to final delivery. With a policy of total quality customer service, we streamline importing and exporting procedures so that our clients can focus on other issues within their companies.

STrans not only arranges for appropriate shipping vessels but also gives full documentation support as well as constant tracking of the on-time transfer for your cargo in transit. STrans Ocean Shipment has the shipping, container, consolidation, packaging and documentary options to handle all types of ocean freight.



Incoterms 2000

EXW - Ex Works
FCA - Free Carrier
FAS - Free Alongside Ship
FOB - Free on Board
CFR - Cost and Freight
CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight
CPT - Carriage Paid To
CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid To
DAF - Delivered at Frontier
DES - Delivered Ex Ship
DEQ - Delivered Ex Quay
DDU - Delivered Duty Unpaid
DDP - Delivered Duty Paid


To Cubic Metres
1. Change the dimension into Metres
2. Times together the length, width and height of each piece.
1 @ 100Kgs - 120 x 120 x 150 CMS
1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5 M = 2.16 Cubic Metres

Airfreight Volume

1. Change the dimensions into Centimetres
2. Times together the length, width and height of each piece.
3. Divide by 6000
1 @ 100 KGS - 120 x 120 x 150 CMS
120 x 120 x 150 = 2,160,000.00 / 6000 = 360
Chargeable Weight = 360 KGS


20ft General Purpose Cargo Container

For the carriage of all types of General Cargo. Loading and unloading access is through full width end-doors. These containers are constructed from three main materials, Steel, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), and Aluminum Alloy with Plywood linings.

Timber floors are fitted in all containers. Cargo securing/lashing points are located at floor level at the base of the sidewalls along the length of the containers, and also vertically adjacent to the doorway corner posts. Some containers have additional fixings on the sidewalls at the door-end. Tare, Payload and Gross Weights

Maximum tare weights are quoted because of variations in types of materials used in container construction. The payload is the difference between the plated tare and gross weight and will be governed by that allowed on a particular route. Based on ISO recommendations the permitted gross weight is 20 tons. It may be possible to exceed this in varying degrees subject to the weight conditions being within the lawful maximum imposed on the route. Dimensions & Specifications

Minimum Interior Dimensions:
L: 5893mm (232 Inches), W: 2330mm (91 Inches),
H: 2381mm (93 Inches)
Door Dimensions:
W: 2330mm (92 Inches), H: 2260mm (89 Inches)
Cubic Capacity (minimum): 32.7m3, (1155 ft3)
Tare Weight (maximum): 2450kgs (5401 lbs)
Payload (ISO): 17,870kgs (39396 lbs)


40ft General Purpose Cargo Container

Designed mainly for light to medium weight bulky dry goods and cargo in lengths up to 12 m (to 39.3ft). Loading and unloading access is through full width end-doors. The all steel containers have corrugated unlined sidewalls, whereas the aluminum containers are plywood lined. Both types have timber flooring. Cargo securing points are set into the floor at the base of the sidewalls and in the doorway cornerposts. Aluminum containers also have fixing points in the sidewalls at intervals down the length of the container
Tare, Payload and Gross Weights
Maximum Tare weights are quoted because of variations in types of materials used in container construction. The Payload is the difference between the plated tare and gross weights. There are few routes where the ISO payload can be achieved on a door to door basis, usually because of road weight limitations. If the payload plus tare weight is suspected of exceeding the Road Regulation limits on the route concerned.
For example, in the UK these containers are limited to approx. 24 tonnes payload.
Dimensions & Specifications
Minimum Interior Dimensions:
L: 12015mm (473 Inches), W: 2337mm (92 Inches), H: 2362mm (93 Inches)
Door Dimensions:
W: 2330mm (92 Inches), H: 2260mm (89 Inches)
Cubic Capacity (minimum): 66.3m3, (2341 ft3)
Tare Weight (maximum): 3900kgs (8600 lbs)
Payload (ISO): 24,500kgs (53998 lbs)


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